Here at The Right Shed we have considered creating page after page of small-print to back up our contract with you the consumer. After much thought our entire terms and conditions statement is detailed in the few words below. We hope you find the brevity of this statement both welcome and helpful.

Today consumers are protected by the Sale of Goods Act reinforced by the Distance Selling regulations, in summary this legislation says that the goods you receive must be fit for purpose and regardless of condition you have the right to return the goods (in their original condition) for a full refund at any time up to 7 days after delivery. This legislation is fully supported by all of us at The Right Shed. We do not however, cover the cost of returning the product, and it is important that customers understand that the cost of transporting the goods back to our warehouse in central England is their responsibility.

We guarantee all of our products for 12 months from the date of the delivery, the only conditions we impose are that, in the case of all outdoor timber products, the product must be properly treated with a good quality timber preservative within 28 days of delivery and it must be erected on a firm, flat, level and square foundation.
Where customers take our top coat or painting option we increase our guarantee to cover against rotting of the timber for up to 10 years. Here again all we ask is that at three year intervals the building is retreated with a good quality preservative or paint.

All of our quoted delivery periods are realistic estimates of the time you are likely to wait, from time to time during exceptionally busy periods or in remote outlying areas these times maybe exceeded. Customers should also be aware that the prices shown allow for one attempt to either deliver or install the product. If, after pre booking the delivery or installation, we cannot obtain access or the foundation provided for installation is inadequate then a further delivery charge will apply, this will be limited to £80.00 or 10% of the product value whichever is the greater.

If you exercise your right to cancel at any time or if you consider the contract has not been handled as you would have wished please contact us. Please be aware that The Right Shed liability for any failing in customer service or product quality that results in a cancellation shall be limited to a full refund. Compensation will not be paid.