All of our products are a backed by a 1 year replacement parts guarantee. Where customers choose the installation option then the guarantee will cover both the replacement and fitting of the defective parts.

In the case of all timber outdoor products the guarantee will be invalidated if the product is not erected on a flat, level and square foundation and / or a topcoat of good quality timber preservative has not been applied within 28 days of delivery.
If the factory Top Coat or Painting option is selected at the time of purchase the guarantee is extended to provide cover against rotting of the timber for 10 years. The only proviso here is that the product must be retreated with good quality preservative or paint every three years.

Perhaps needless to say this guarantee does not cover failure of the product due to misuse, vandalism or exceptional storm damage. All of the products are designed for domestic use and whilst many will be suited to some industrial or commercial use, customers must satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the product to its intended use.

For the avoidance of doubt all timber structures are susceptible to some contraction in dry conditions and some expansion in wet or damp conditions, the guarantee does not cover the easing of timber doors and windows that stick as a result of climatic changes. Similarly during periods of hot weather roofing felt can develop undulations due to expansion, this is perfectly normal and does not detract from the performance of the product.

None of the above is designed to detract from your statutory rights.