Please note that free delivery is limited to mainland UK only. We will deliver products to dockside for offshore delivery.

Whether you have purchased a shed, a garden room, a workshop, a log cabin or even a simple tool rack here at the RightShed we attempt to give realistic estimates of likely delivery times, we try very hard not to make false promises. All times shown on the product pages are quoted based on working days. From time to time however, during exceptionally busy periods or in remote outlying areas these times maybe exceeded. In such circumstances we will ensure that customers are kept fully informed. The quoted times should be adjusted for national holidays where appropriate. And please also note that if you have requested our installation service or top-coating this may add 5 working days or more to the expected delivery date.

Customers should also be aware that the prices shown allow for one attempt to either deliver or install the product. If, after making a firm appointment for the delivery or installation, we cannot obtain access or the foundation provided for installation is inadequate then a further delivery/installation charge will apply, this will be limited to £80.00 or 10% of the product value whichever is the greater.

You will receive an order acknowledgement from us (by email where possible) with an anticipated delivery week, to this is attached (where applicable) the instructions for the preparation of your garden building base and an indication of the access we will need. This document, though not product specific, is extremely important so please take the time to read it through. Please remember that some of the panels for a shed, a workshop or a garage can be very large, even the larger playhouses have panels that can measure up to 10 feet by 8 feet. (3.0m x 2.5m)

The products in our store are delivered either via our own transport or by experienced carriers; we will contact you at least 48 hours before delivery so that you can make arrangements for access. Delivery can take place at any time during the allocated day so, should you not wish to be present, please email us giving approval to enter on to your property and make it clear where you want the product left. If the location is more than 50 metres from the nearest vehicular access, please contact us. In some cases the products (mainly from the Square Deal range) are mechanically offloaded as a kerbside delivery and moved by trolley onto your driveway, if this is likely to cause difficulty please contact our customer care department.

If you live in an area where parking is not allowed please make local arrangements for our vehicle to park during offloading. In the case of larger buildings the truck can be there for up to an hour.

If your property is particularly difficult to find please email instructions if at all possible.


Whilst the procedure is much the same as for delivery only please make it clear to the installers exactly where you want your garden building to be installed and which way you want it to face.

Remember that the installer’s vehicle will be parked at your premises for between 1 hour and a full day for the larger log cabins.


Whenever possible please take the time to sign the delivery note or the installer’s job sheet, your feedback is very important to us.